We were proud to share learnings with transformative partners, building actionable plans to adress the water crisis. Let’s play the video recordings of our sessions and discover how 1001fontaines’ solution accelerate the path toward SDG6:

Convenors: The Stone Family Foundation, Oshun, 1001fontaines

Key take away > The Water Kiosk model is anchored into communities, cost effective and climate change resilient. It proved to be an instrumental health relay through the Covid19 crisis. 

Convenors: Danone Communities, Naandi, Jibu, Safe Water Network, 1001fontaines

Key take away > The franchise approach enables to scale and sustain water kiosk networks, supporting local entrepreneurship that delivers safe and affordable drinking water till the last mile.

Convenors: The Stone Family Foundation, GRET, KWSH, WaterAid, 1001fontaines

Key take away > Betting on complementarity, combining traditional piped supply with decentralized solutions is the only way to reach SDG6 target by 2030.

Convenors: French Water Partnership, Safisana, Waterpreneurs, 1001fontaines…

Key take away > Unlocking blended finance will accelerate water kiosks deployment, maximizing social impact on developing countries’ vulnerable communities. 

By joining forces and solutions we can solve the water crisis together.