A culture of impact

Health, economic development, education and environment: 1001fontaines’ impact contributes to 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and continues to grow year after year

Contributing to 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations challenged all member States to commit to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to be reached by 2030. 1001fontaines’ model is a force in action to change the world, as it positively impacts 9 of those SDG’s.

No poverty No poverty
With the 1001fontaines’ model, the cost of purchasing 1.5 liter per person per day of safe drinking water remains below 3% of the household’s budget. The decrease of waterborne diseases also results in a reduction of medical expenses for the families.
Good health and well being Good health and well being
Daily access to safe water can reduce the occurrence of waterborne diseases by 40 to 60%, as well as the risk of infant mortality, which reaches up to 20% in the countries where we operate.
Quality education Quality education
By securing free delivery of safe drinking water in schools, 1001fontaines reduces by up to 75% school absenteeism, and improves children’s capacity to learn thanks to good hydration.
Gender equality Gender equality
In developing countries, women and girls are typically in charge of fetching and boiling water. Freed from that task, more girls can attend school, while women can focus on revenue-generating activities.
Clean water and sanitation Clean water and sanitation
By ensuring local production and home-delivery, our approach offers the end-users the guarantee that the water they drink meets WHO quality standards.
Affordable and clean energy Affordable and clean energy
1001fontaines’ water kiosks rely on solar energy to extract water, with purification through microfiltration and UV lamps. This low-cost production has a positive impact on the selling price of safe drinking water, which remains below 0.02 euros per liter.
Decent work and economic growth Decent work and economic growth
Each water kiosk generates on average three sustainable jobs - a real asset for the economic development of the local communities and for gender equality, as women hold a third of the positions.
Responsible consumption and production Responsible consumption and production
1001fontaines’ model is based on a responsible water resource management: we pump only what we need. In addition, our model divides the consumption of plastics by 120 by relying on re-usable 20-liter jugs.
Climate action Climate action
Thanks to 1001fontaines, villagers do not need to boil water before drinking it, thus avoiding the emission of 15,000 tons of CO2 every year. Our decentralized approach also strengthens communities’ resilience to climate change.

Monitoring and constantly improving our efficiency is a requirement

Increasing our impact is a priority for 1001fontaines, which relies on two major levers:

Thanks to the Google Impact Challenge, 1001fontaines developed in 2017 new IT tools that significantly improved the field teams’ operational efficiency. A tablet application automatically produces analytic reports, tracks water production, sales, and the number of beneficiaries, thus allowing a better performance monitoring for each water kiosk.
Similarly, our technic and water quality departments have been equipped with an app that helps them optimize their field activities and identify the problem’s root causes, leading to faster resolution.

High performance monitoring tools

To help each local entrepreneur improve the management of his/her water kiosk, we have developed the “Social Entrepreneur Academy”: a training cursus covering finance, sales & marketing, technic and water quality, and of course entrepreneurship.
This training in the field is essential to maintain the highest level of services for our beneficiaries. It also guarantees a rapid increase in skills and empowerment of local entrepreneurs, as well as a continuous improvement in our efficiency.

Continuous support for our local entrepreneurs

Help us multiply our impact

Our goal,
with your support, is to deploy our model at a large scale and reach

Become the preferred drinking water solution for the vulnerable populations in 5 countries by 2030.