In 2019, 1001fontaines opened in Myanmar to accelerate the replication of its model in Southeast Asia’s poorest country.

Local Partner

Network Activities Group (NAG)

Local water brand

Daw Ahnya, “Our Dry Zone”


In Myanmar, 1001fontaines launched a pilot project in 2019, in partnership with the local organization Network Activities Group (NAG). The objective was ambitious: to replicate the success of the Cambodian rural water kiosk in a very similar socio-economic context, and accelerate the trajectory towards the sustainability of operations.


The first 4 water kiosks set up in the Dry Zone, in the center of the country, confirmed the rapid adoption of this solution by the communities, with a strong commitment from local authorities to promote the project.


However, the sanitary and political crises have slowed the ability of 1001fontaines and NAG to continue the deployment of the project. We are convinced of the relevance of the model to meet the drinking water needs of rural communities in the Dry Zone, and remain attentive to developments in the context to resume expansion as soon as conditions allow.

Our impact today

Water Kiosks

beneficiaries including 194 children

beneficiaries satisfied with the water quality

launch of the Water in School program

Our ambition

– 1 –

Set up 25 water kiosks serving 75,000 people, including 25,000 children

– 2 –

Create a regional platform to support our entrepreneurs (monitoring, coaching, maintenance)

– 3 –

Set up a local organization able to deploy our model at a large scale

In the past, people would die because of water, and that was just how it was. We did not know it was water that had killed them. Through my participation in the building of a 1001fontaines’ Water Kiosk, I want to do like my grandfather, when he planted a palm tree to bring sugar to his children and grandchildren: pass on to the next generations the chance of drinking safe water forever. Today, I am 60 and my life is done, but thanks to this water kiosk, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will drink water that won’t make them sick.

U Soe Lwin Aye, Leik Kan village